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Chameleon Warehouse Management Systems
Chameleon Warehouse Management Systems

Overview of Voice in the Warehouse

Click to start learning about voice directed warehousing and its advantages. Introduce yourself to picking, putaway, replenishment, and truck-loading.

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    Welcome to Chameleon Warehouse Management Systems!

warehouse associate wearing vocollect equipment

Chameleon Warehouse Management Systems provides voice-directed warehousing functionality – Picking, Putaway, Replenishment, and Truck Loading. Click here for a summary of voice warehousing systems.

Our strategy is to deliver voice warehousing to you in the most suitable way for your organization. This can mean either bolting it on to your existing WMS system, or providing you with Chameleon Voice WMS – our own Warehouse Management System designed specifically to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by voice technology.

We deliver Voice on a variety of hardware platforms – in some cases, with Vocollect T5 voice terminals, in others with the Psion Teklogix’ Workabout Pro if barcoding or RFID is required to supplement voice functions.


Voice picking in Action!

Examples of voice picking in a variety of environments

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Frequently Asked Quesions

Answers to some frequently asked questions about voice picking.

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Voice Picking ROI Calculator

Calculate your estimateed ROI from implementing voice picking in your warehouse.

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